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Our team knows how to combine technologies and bring a perfect platform for web development solutions and take your business to succeed, website.co.tz Web developers are willing to help and share our ideas to improve the development and perfect website Website .co. tz has a high opinion of small-scale business industrially most of the organization do not know about a website. We provide excellence working in the natural environment and made complete Web Solutions engaged in the business of providing specialized people working in a professional field worldwide advice.

WEBSITE DESIGN:The Internet is the world's leading source of information and has become an integral part of a business world in no time. Having an effective website is essential if your goal is to grow your business and position your brand in the market successfully. Technology website.co.tz believe that every entrepreneur / company has their own way of doing business and have their own way of presenting their products / services to potential customers. When developing a website, we start with efforts to understand the approach and preferences of our customers. To do this, we have a process of interaction between highly evolved customer. Once we understand how the customer wants their website to appear, only then we begin the process of web design. The first step is to design the home page based on customer input. Our design and development services covering all aspects of web design, web hosting, development and maintenance, SEO, SEM. So if you own a website that seeks to remake your website or wish to add functions to it, we will.

  • Website Content Updates.
  • Product Updates for Ecommerce Sites.
  • Formatting/ Uploading Your Blog Post.
  • Uploading Your Podcast.
  • Uploading Your Videos.
  • Managing Your Media Section.
  • Maintaining/ Managing Your Newsletter.
  • Social Bookmarking Tags and Icons.
  • Website re-development: Need web redesign company to help boost its image, traffic classification, leads and sales? If you are looking to simply improve your online image or increase your website traffic, leads and sales can help. Our site redesign company will approach your project from a marketing perspective, taking into account all your goals for your business.

    Is essential when choosing a business web redesign their visions, goals, customers and users are clearly identified and targeted. We will help you focus so that you are speaking clearly and directly to your target customers and not wasting time and money on unqualified leads.

    Domain Registration: If you are trying to launch their website or do it online, the first thing you need is to register domain names. If you are doing business or any other purpose that you have set up your site then the domain name is also needed, but choosing the domain name according to your business as your domain name is the most important part and also to you as well as for their customers.

    Short domain name: It is advisable to keep your reproach short domain because domain obloquy are already difficult to spell and remember. With some creative thinking you could probably get one. Using keywords: Keywords, as well as the study of your business could be used as a domain name. This would increase the search engine ranking for your website.

    When a domain name is registered, then you should see what will be the extension as top-level domain (TLD) or domain extension. There are basically two types of TLDs. TLDs "generic" or "gTLDs" are the most common TLD (.co.tz .com, .net, .org, .info, .biz, .ws) and those that are country specific (ccTLD) for eg (.in, .uk). You can choose either to register a domain extension.ex.if India (Domain Registration in India) you can choose .in or .co.in

    E-commerce: Electronic commerce is basically the distribution and marketing of products and services online. In this hectic our world, nothing is more effective than online transactions. And e-commerce websites must begin exploiting the potential of the Internet as a marketing center upscale. An e-commerce website is a great vehicle to make extra money for your business and has the advantage of being open 24 hours, 7 days a week and reach a worldwide audience. We design our solutions for e-commerce web design using a combination of a MySQL database and PHP programming language. All our e-commerce websites encorporate a shopping cart php which is robust and very stable.

    We do not use any "outside the box" solutions offered by some design firms offer a custom e-commerce solution, which means that the site can be designed for your specific needs, and our software shopping cart can be integrated into the new website unique look, or alternatively its current existing site. Our service covers the following areas:

  • Unique ecommerce design (no templates)
  • Designed to maximize Return On Investment
  • Allows for full control of your store and product inventory
  • Marketplace integration allows sales and order management via third party websites (Amazon, eBay, Play etc.)
  • Enables your ecommerce store to be published in shopping feeds (Google Shopping)
  • Complete support for multiple currencies and languages
  • Integration with stock, accounting and warehousing systems
  • Broadcast your ecommerce store on social networks
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) - friendly architecture
  • Email marketing
  • Comprehensive reporting to help track website performance and sales
  • Dedicated support and high-availability, high-performance hosting
  • SSL secure checkout (https)
  • PCI compliance
  • Express Checkouts & Integration into leading Payment Gateways
  • Therefore, just give us a call today at (255) -786-786-072 and we will see what we can do for you. You will see the difference after calling us in your business :)

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    • Domain Registration
    • Web Hosting
    • Web Designing
    • Web Development
    • Web Programming
    • Dynamic Websites
    • Search Engine Optimisation

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